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General Help
Do I need a smart phone or tablet?

Yes, you must have a smart phone or tablet that supports iOS (Apple) or Android. We are an app-based company, so the ability to use our app is crucial!

Do I need to be able to drive?

Being able to drive is not a requirement, however the nature of temporary work means that shift location and times are varied, so being able to drive would be a benefit. If you can get to the shift on time though, we don’t mind! You can get a rocket there if you like.

Is Gogoflo my employer?

For us to be utilised by the NHS we require all our professionals (apart from GPs) to be employed by us. Gogoflo is about simplicity, ease and improving your work-life balance – so we believe that this is a positive thing. It takes away the responsibility from you of having to submit accurate tax returns, incur accountancy costs and make the nitty-gritty calculations. We sort that all for you at no cost.

Are you a locum agency?

Technically, yes. But that’s purely because we employ you. We don’t like to see ourselves as a ‘locum agency’ – we’re a state of the art platform directly and smartly connecting you to temporary healthcare shifts. We don’t have call-centres and consultants that book you into shifts.

Why do you use the word Cloud?

Our unique approach is that we use cloud-based technology in the form of our app called Gogoflo. We want to step away from the title ‘Agency Nurse’ and use ‘Cloud Nurse’ ‘Cloud GP’ and so on – it’s your new identity.

How safe is my information?

We take data protection very seriously and will never release personal information to anyone. Some evidence that are required by our client’s (such as evidence of medical indemnity) are viewable on your profile – in such instances we’ll let you know where this is.

Can I work with you and another agency?

Whether you have a permanent job in the healthcare industry or whether you work for several agencies – Gogoflo is open to everyone. We know that you’ll love the new approach that we take though, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself more work using us!

Do I wear a uniform?

Most professionals will be required to wear a Gogoflo uniform – your first one is provided free of charge to enable you to get working ASAP! Our uniform is a comfortable and smart scrub-style top with our logo on it. Different professionals are identified by different colours.

Do you pay travel expenses?

We do not pay travel expenses. However, clients may increase their hourly rate to incentivise a professional to take a shift if a large amount of travelling is required.

What is a ‘fuel rebate’?

Healthcare professionals may be eligible to claim back mileage expenses due to not travelling to and from a permanent place of work. This is usually done with the assistance of an accountant. 45p a mile can be claimed in expenses. This is done on an annual basis. Full details can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/tax-relief-for-employees/business-mileage-fuel-costs

Why do you show a ‘fuel Rebate’ on the shift screen?

We show you the quickest route to the client from your home address or your current location, depending on what setting is chosen. We use the mileage from the start point to the client and back to work out an estimate of what you could claim back from HMRC in fuel expenses. This provides you with more information and may be useful in deciding whether you accept a shift or not.

Do Gogoflo facilitate a ‘fuel rebate’?

As well as offering an estimate to what you would receive from completing a shift, at the end of the shift is an area for you to input your accurate mileage incurred. This is recorded on your electronic timesheet for audit purposes. We do not assist with claiming back a fuel rebate however as this should be done with an accountant.

Shift/Booking Help
Shift booking/cancelling
How do I book a shift?

All shifts can be booked on the app. When you view a shift, it will display everything you need to make an informed decision about whether to accept it or not:

  • The shift location – address, a map to get there, how long it will take, how many miles and how much you could potentially claim in expenses from HMRC.
  • The shift details – start/end time, ward/department
  • The pay – how much you will be paid per hour and the total wage you will earn.
  • Rules and notes from the client – anything you need to be aware of before booking the shift.
How do I find a shift?

You can manually browse all the available shifts we have and select one, or we would advise setting up your shift filter.

With the shift filter, you specify how far you can travel, your minimum hourly rate, the type of healthcare organisation and your availability. As a shift comes in that matches those requirements you’ll receive an instant push notification on your phone. View it, check it and book it! Easy. All done in seconds.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is an app alert/vibration. So long gone are the days of you having to check for shifts. Your phone will alert you every time there is a shift that matches your requirements.

Will I receive notifications for shifts that aren’t relevant to me?

No. You will only receive notifications for shifts that match the requirements you specify on the shift filter. We will never alert you of shifts that you are not able to book into and accept.

Will I receive phone calls asking me to fill shifts?

No. You will only receive notifications of shifts via the app, using your shift filter set-up. We won’t ever harass or bug you to book shifts.

Can I cancel a shift?

Yes. Shift cancelling can be done on the app with a click of a button.

Registration Help
How do I register?

Registration can be done on the app or dashboard. Click ‘Sign-up’ at the top of this page to begin. You can start registering straight away.

Who can register with Gogoflo?

We welcome a raft of different healthcare professionals from registered nurses, to GPs, to dieticians. A full list of professions that we support is on our ‘Registration’ page.

What information do you need to allow me to register?

We are required to carry out standard pre-employment checks: personal/contact details, employment history, references, mandatory training, an occupational health assessment and a DBS check. All of this can be completed on the app or dashboard. We’ve taken each step to make it as efficient as possible.

Do I need an interview?

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to book into a face-to-face interview slot on the app or dashboard where we will check original documentation uploaded during the registration process. This is a mandatory requirement of our client’s and provides them with reassurance.

Does it cost anything to register with Gogoflo?

No! The app is free to download, there are no registration fees or admin costs. We provide mandatory training & an occupational health assessment free of charge. A DBS check if you’re on the update service is free. We even provide you with your first uniform free!

How does the registration process work?

The areas of registration are broken down into small sections which can be easily and quickly completed at any time. Once you complete each section, we review it: if it is complete and we’ve got the info we need we’ll mark is as done. If not, we’ll direct message you advising you of what is missing. You can keep a clear track of how far until you’re complete. We can go as fast or as slow as you want. You’re in control.

How do I know when my registration has been accepted?

On the app and dashboard is a progress bar where you can clearly see the status of your registration. You’ll be able to see what you’ve not started, what you’ve submitted to us, what we’ve accepted and what we’re waiting for. We’ll be in close contact with you to advise of anything that we need from you to make it a quick process! The last step is the face-to-face interview. Once this is done, you’re on board!

How quickly can it take to register?

With everything to hand, completing the registration sections on the app can be done within an hour. It then depends on how quickly everything else is done:

  • A ‘fit to work’ certificate is issued within 24 hours of completing the occupational health questionnaire.
  • DBS certificates of applicants on the update service can be checked by us immediately.
  • Mandatory e-learning training can be completed within a few hours online.
  • References are sent out instantly and take 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • New DBS applicants can take a few weeks to get their checks back.
  • Interviews are held every week.

Realistically you can complete the entire process within a few days!

What if I need help with the registration process?

We’ve designed the process to be easy and intuitive. If you get stuck we would advise reading our FAQ’s to see if your question is answered there. For any other enquiries, you can direct message us where we’ll promptly respond. If your enquiry is urgent you can call us.

What if I am not on the DBS update service?

You will be required to complete a new DBS application for an enhanced DBS check which can be done by our online provider. There is a £53.50 up front cost to this, paid for by the applicant. We would advise all applicants to sign up to the update service as it allows us to check it each year without doing a new application each time. More info can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service

Payment Help
What are your pay rates?

We don’t have fixed pay rates. Clients post a shift dependent upon their budget. This means that there will be a range of different pay rates – and you only book a shift if you’re happy with it.

There are many factors which effect the rate of the shift:

  • Whether it’s short notice
  • Whether the shift requires a specialist professional or skill-set
  • How crucial it is for the client to cover the shift
  • The geographical location of the client
  • The number of professionals eligible to accept the shift

You specify your minimum hourly rate on the app and we’ll ‘PING!’ you for shifts that match.

Do you pay more than traditional agencies?

The majority of Gogoflo’s operations are done using technology – cutting out the need for expensive call-centres, consultants and offices. As such we only require a much smaller commission. We’ve redirected these savings into your wages. We are positive that for a like-for-like shift, in comparison to a traditional agency, we would pay you more. It’s simple maths really.

How do I get paid?

You’re paid by PAYE – so your wages are paid by BACS straight in to your bank account with all the necessary deductions required by HMRC.

How often do I get paid?

We’re pleased to offer a weekly payroll. Shifts completed up until Tuesday 10am will be paid on the Friday within that week.

Do I complete a paper time-sheet?

No. At the end of the shift the person in charge authorises the shift on the app. Your payment is processed before you’ve even started your journey home. No more postage stamps, scanning or hand-delivering timesheets!

Do I get a time-sheet for my record?

Yes. Upon completion of a shift an electronic timesheet is generated which can be printed off, if required, for your records.

Profile Help
What is my profile?

Your profile contains useful information for our clients and is a place to have your skills & specialism’s recognised. Your name, grade, contact number, registration number, rating and a photo are all displayed for the client. We also show mandatory training & compliance expiry dates and documentation.

What is the five-star rating system?

At the end of every shift, the client reviews your performance based on 5 categories. This contributes to an overall star rating. We’d expect that the better the rating, the higher the pay and the higher the frequency of shifts. So, we’re keen to promote a hard-working and caring work ethic.

I have a specialism (such as accident + emergency) – is this recognised?

Yes. If you can evidence that you have 6 months or more experience in a specialism then this will be attributed to your profile. We recognise that work on ANY ward or department (not just A+E or ITU) results in specialist skills and confidence being gained. As such we attribute ALL specialisms on your profile - such as oncology, gastro or care of the elderly.

When clients post a shift, they may choose to only allow a professional with a specific specialism to accept it to ensure they get the right professional for the shift. This may be a higher rate as they’re more in-demand shifts and harder to fill.

I have a skill (such as cannulation, NG insertion or catheterisation) – is this recognised?

Yes, additional skills are so important and we want to recognise and reward you for taking the time to learn these! You can select skills and upload supporting evidence for additional skills. When clients post a shift, they may specify certain skills the professional must have. This may result in higher pay as they’re harder to fill.